Are There Protection Sleep Hairstyles For Wavy/Curly Hair?

Are There Protection Sleep Hairstyles For Wavy/Curly Hair?

here are some things you can do

  • Use a silk or satin pillowcase
    If you’re of African or Hispanic heritage and have curly hair, your hair shaft varies in diameter according to the shape of your curls. That means that your hair shaft isn’t the same thickness all the way through, which can make strands more prone to breakage.
    When you toss and turn your head during the night, it can put stress on your hair follicle and make breakage even more likely.
    To ward off frizz and breakage, change the surface your curls rest on while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases (even the high thread-count ones) absorb your hair’s natural oils and scratch against your hair strands.
    A pillowcase made of silk or satin can help protect your hair’s structure.
    As a bonus, it might keep your head cooler and help prevent your scalp from getting oily. This could cut back on the need for washing.

  • Put your hair in a ‘pineapple’
    You can protect your hair while you sleep by using a satin or cotton scrunchie (not a hair elastic) to tie your hair up at the crown of your head.
    Simply gather your hair at the top of your head and tie the scrunchie around it one time, being careful not to pull too hard or make the pineapple too tight.
    You can also combine this method with a silk scarf or hair bonnet.

  • Do twists or braids
    The more secure your hair is, the less hair strands are rubbing up against other follicles or against your bedding.
    Simple twists using bobby pins or small elastics, as well as well-secured braids can stabilize the structure of your curls through the night.

  • Use a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf
    A bonnet or headscarf can do double duty protecting your hair.
    Not only do these hair accessories keep your hair from rubbing against your bedding and getting frizzy, they also keep your hair secure while you sleep, protecting your curls’ shape.

  • Try a spritz or two of product
    A leave-in conditioner that adds keratin to your hair follicle can infuse your hair with shine and bounce.
    Spray-on conditioners may also help strengthen hair strands that have been damaged by hair dye and heat styling, and may make your hair softer and easier to style in the morning.